Hi there.

My name is Helen Rosner. I'm an editor (mostly), writer (sometimes), and photographer (occasionally).

I'm the features editor at Eater, where I assign, acquire, and produce long-form stories about food culture. I'm also on the masthead at Saveur, where — because I was the executive digital editor for four years (and I put together the Saveur New Classics Cookbook) — I hold the empty but delightful title of contributing editor. I've been an editor at NYMag.comGrub Street, and Eat Me Daily (which I co-founded); before all the writing-on-the internet stuff, I was a book editor. You can find my writing in places like Saveur, New York, Eater, Refinery29, Medium, the Hairpin, Buzzfeed, and on about six dozen blogs I've started and abandoned over the last decade and a half. 

I take lots of photos, mostly for Instagram, but I've shot both editorial and commercial stuff for Departures, Saveur, New York, Eater, and a bunch of other websites and blogs and things and stuff. I've shot video for Saveur, which you can find on the magazine's tablet editions, website, or on my Vimeo page

Someone once called me "cranky but kindhearted," which is pretty on-point.

You can contact me at helen [at] eater [dot] com or through social media or at the link below:

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